We are educators for the family and the workplace, training people in
Self-defense, Disaster Preparedness fine Art and Fencing.

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Women’s Self Defense
A system specifically designed for women to protect themselves. It is not a martial art and is specifically put together for women who do not wish, or do not have the time to study a martial art. This is a structured, fun class for women 14 years and above.

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Self-Defense For All
Training for others members of the family, executives, businesspersons who travel, and security personnel.

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Disaster Preparedness
This is a set of seminars to train you and your family to prepare for disasters. These seminars are arranged to be fun and fulfilling. We also have a set of classes for Government Industry workers and officials that are FEMA approved.

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For fun and fitness. If you have ever thought of trying a modern sport with an ancient history please give us a call.
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Art Classes, Basic Drawing
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